Video is the ground-breaking and emerging concept of bringing your audience to your business. It is the fastest growing content media marketing methodology and the business case is compelling.

As a new and often misunderstood medium, there are various prevailing myths about video marketing. These myths or misconceptions may sometimes be misleading. Here´s a list of five common myths:

Video Myths

MYTH #1: Video is meant for lead generation.

Truth: Lead generation is one of the purpose of placing or using video on your webpages. It is used to showcase and educate people about your business, products or services. Videos are helpful in eliminating doubts about your products and services offered and it adds credibility as well.

MYTH #2: Higher VIEWS means higher SUCCESS.

Truth: Higher views doesn´t automatically mean that you will be receiving higher success rate for the video. The thing which matters the most is what your viewers do after watching the video. Your video should include a Call-To-Action - the viewer should be redirected towards your website where you want them to perform an action such as subscribe to your newsletter and thus help you in achieving your goals.

MYTH #3: Having video on site will improve its search engine ranking.

Truth: It was true few years back, and is still relevant, but now a lot of websites have videos to gain traffic and showcase their services and products. For video to deliver SEO results, your video should be actually good and also appear in your social media footprint and Youtube channel. Go for long-term video campaigns which is interesting and relevant for your customers and SEO success will follow.

MYTH #4: Content doesn´t matter when video is good.

Truth: Content matters a lot. It helps in engaging the people. Content portrays the image of your brand, product and services. Video with great content attracts the customers, maintains their interest and incentivize them to take action or buy. Content helps in building brand image through video and redirects your prospective customer to your Call-To-Action.

MYTH #5: Smaller is better.

Truth: Short and sweet is certainly relevent when using video in your social media activities, but not always necessarily true. To satisfy all the needs of your previous customers who are visiting you again, make longer videos which gives detailed information of your products and services.

These myths and truths behind them will help you in creating good video marketing campaign. Great video marketing requires time commitment and effective resources to drive in customers to your webpage.

If you need help with implementing Video in your marketing strategyor your Social Media Marketing, then feel free to get in touch.

Jim Webster

Digital Marketing Consultant

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