Instagram is a popular social network that now have more than five hundred million users! , Primarily based on images and accessible from mobile devices, tablets and computers, Instagram is more than just a collection of beautiful photos – it is essential to your digital marketing strategy.

Instagram is no longer just a place to follow your friends, as users also follow brands, companies, influencer bloggers, institutions, and magazines, amongst others, which makes it an ideal platform to promote your brand, products and services.

Instagram marketing

How to get the most out of Instagram?

I have several tips below that will help you get maximum advantage of Instagram in your digital marketing strategy. The first is that, if you lack the time to do this yourself, then outsource it to an experienced company who can do it for you - do not skip it – Instagram is an important channel.

New Content Is a Must

It is important to publish new content regularly. Diversify and vary the content that you post – aim for three or four posts out of then to showcase your products or services and the remainder focus on your business culture, behind the scenes, people wearing/using your product/service – you get the picture. Also, the quality of the photos is important.

Do Not Forget Hashtags

Another essential tactic is to get as close as possible to your target audiencet and followers. Hashtags are important for this, as they help you find users interested in your field, which can be used to grow your following.

Engage Your Followers

Communication with your followers is also essential, so leave comments or compliments on their photos and like them, reply to their questions and comments,. Last but not least, sales and discounts are also quite popular with clients, so do not keep those on a drawer.

Humanize Your Brand

Social networks channels and in particular, Instagram, are ideal to build closer relationships with your customers and allow you to show a more human side to the general public.

Mix it up with Video

Video is the big game-changer in digital marketing. If you are not using it yet, then you really must get on board. People love and trust video, it has far more engagement that text and images and Google loves it – so your SEO improves. Click here to read an introduction making the case for Video.

If you need help with implementing an Instagram strategy or your Social Marketing or Video marketing in general, then feel free to get in touch.

Jim Webster

Digital Marketing Consultant

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